Review: Gage by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5
Series: Pittsburgh Titans
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Hockey Romance, Instant connection, Sport Romance, Co-workers,
Pop: 71%

I have struggled to write this review because this book is simply amazing!!  Putting how good this book is into words is so hard.  We all know I have an obsession with Sawyer Bennett’s characters, mostly one by the name of Aaron Wylde.  But as I sit and think about her characters and who my favorites are it comes down to the nice guy.  Sawyer Bennett writes some the best and swooniest of the nice guys. These are guys that leave your bucket full and dreaming of all the good guys out in the world. 

This story also brought a lightness to a very emotional and heart heavy series.  The aftermath of the plane crash that took out a whole hockey team and left so many reeling has an amazing series so far but we needed Gage and is his brightness. 

Jenna is a new to Pittsburgh. With the help of her friend Baden she has secured a job working for the Pittsburgh Titans.  Jenna is hoping the fresh start will bring back some of the confidence she lost when her world fell apart after a house. A house fire that left her with not just scars on her body but also her heart.  Jenna is trying to put herself out there. We first meet Jenna in Jett (Book 10 in the Arizona Vengeance Series). 

I knew Jenna was going to have an amazing story and her hero need to be the most special and awe-inspiring of heroes… and boy did we get that with Gage Heyward.

Gage is a veteran hockey player who is actually in his first year of retirement when the Titan’s plane goes down. He joins the team with the thoughts that he will be there for this year to help with the rebuild but also to provide a stabling calm to the chaos.   Gage approaches life and hockey with a steadiness that really shows his confidence without ego.  Gage is such a steady character and that calm and steady is just what Jenna needs. 

She needs someone who will accept her where she is out but also push her boundaries with out over taking them.  I think what I love most about their story is just that. That Gage wants so much for him and Jenna but he knows that it has to be done in a way that gives them equal footing and power. 

I truly loved Gage’s reference to a children’s story about filling each other’s buckets. Because Gage realizes the out side Jenna’s family and Baden no one has really filled her up her heart and soul….. instead, they have tipped her bucket over.  I can not express in words how swoony Gage is. How his words and his approach to life just make him the ultimate GOOD GUY! 

One of the things I am so happy to start to see is the Girl Gang of the Pittsburgh Titans. The WAGs, they are starting to lean on each other and come into their own. Sawyer Bennet’s Girl Gangs are goals!  We should all have those other woman in our lives who are support us, commiserate with us and always willing to share a drink.

Just to be clear to all the Buzzing about Romance Community Members I licked Gage he is mine.. it is here in my review no steals. 

When I tell you to read this I mean read it!! This book is so very good!  It is everything you want in hockey romance.  Swoony hero, a fierce heroine, and a team that always has your back even to move a couch for a friend.  The Titans Series I the BEST Hockey Series of 2022.  Each book just gets better and better. You will want them all!