Review: Holiday Hotel by Poppy Minnix

Rating: 3/5
Tropes: Holiday Romance, Vacation Romance, Rebound, Billionaire, damaged hero,
Pop: 66%

I am not sure anything say holiday cheer as well as sandy white beaches, jingle bells and a sexy billionaire. Holiday is a Christmas escape Romance.

Cozette is escaping a doomed relationship with her boyfriend of 2 year James.  James and Cozette’s relationship has been headed to spiltsville for some time. James lives his life in beige while Cozette lives in technicolor glory.   When Cozi tries to spice things up with a naughty Santa Costume (complete with suggestive candy cane) and James doesn’t bite anything she walks out. This is a breakup is that is inevitable in all ways.

Cozi is snarky and sassy in always including her holiday themed cursing. Even though she need to put distance between her and her break up I love that she took a further step and went somewhere exotic and on her own. Christmas on the beach is one way to rethink your life and make new plans.  The beautiful island of Simona is where she winds up meeting Nico, the van driver assigned to pick her up from the airport. But not everything with Nico is as it seems.

This story is told in only Cozi’s point of review and I struggled with it a bit. I wanted to know more about Nico and who he was. We learn of his secrets from Cozi’s google search and when she confronts him but I still feel like he is an enigma. Cozi and Nico have both have past hurts and they go into their attraction for one another cautiously but there is some great chemistry and flirting in this story.  

The island setting was perfect for this story. The descriptions of their adventures, the food and the decorations were perfectly merry.  It is a flirty holiday read but it is a very slow burn.  I had a couple of issues with the pacing of the story in the middle/second half of the book.  But as far as HEA’s go this one will bring you all the Joy and Brightness of a Holiday Romance.