Review: Sinful Crown by Ava Harrison

Rating: 4/5   PoP: 67%

Gideon Byrne is a monster or is he? There is no doubt that he operates beyond the lines of the law but he may have a bit of compassion left. When one of his men’s dying words is to protect a woman Gideon never knew existed, he finds more than he ever considered. Sasha Lennox is just trying to get through the next day when the past captures her. There is more to her life than she ever knew but she is not sure that Gideon is the protector she needs. 

I really loved that Sasha was not afraid to stand up to Gideon and doubted him. She did not just take everything he said as truth, he had to gain her trust. Gideon was a bit harder to understand as we do not get a lot of personal information from him until much later in the book. However, he has small moments and big gestures that show that there is a heart underneath all that darkness. I felt things moved a little slower through the first half of the book but as the climax gets closer there are both predictable and unexpected outcomes. 

Overall, I enjoyed this book. Sasha was a determined, strong, and independent character. Although Gideon is the one with the resources at the end of the book it is as if he needs her more than she needs him. It is always interesting to see the powerful man fall for the strong woman.