Taming Him by Kennedy Fox


Alex Bishop is a true cowboy full of southern charm and sex appeal. He is hard working and is passionate about his family’s ranch. He is known as the playboy of the family and has no plans on settling down anytime soon. He and his best friend, Dylan are on a 2 week vacation to Florida Keys. Neither are looking for anything long term and embark on a vacation fling.   

A night of passion turns into so much more and a beautiful love story unfolds.

River is a PICU nurse who is looking for a break and escape from a crappy roommate and break up.  She decided to third wheel on a vacation trip with her BFF to the Keys.   

Some parts of the storyline are predictable but still enjoyable. A big part of the storyline was kind of obvious.  However, the sexiness of Alex and the Bishop family make up for it.  The family dynamic really helps make this story.

Aiden Snow really puts on the southern charm in his narration of Alex.  It adds a next level to the sexiness of this story. Savannah Peachwood has a very sweet voice they made the perfect pairing to tell this story.