When It Falls Apart by Catherine Bybee

POV: 3rd Person
PoP: 58%
Tropes: Single Dad; Slow Burn; Damaged Heroine; Caregiver; Family
Series: The D’Angelos Book 1
Rate: 3 /5 Stars
Release Date: June 21, 2022

Brooke’s life has somewhat implodes when she gets a call saying that her dad in not in good health and requires surgery.  Her boyfriend isn’t supportive, and it is this that is the catalyst for a lot of the changes that come to fruition.  This call in itself changes the trajectory of her life.  She breaks it off with said boyfriend, moves, and starts over.  When this happens, she meets single dad Luca and his entire family.  They enfold her into their lives without thought, and while she tries to fight it at first, she soon allows herself to become part of something that she never truly had.  This story was a little slower than I usually enjoy, but I almost always enjoy Catherine Bybee.  One thing I really enjoy about this story is the dynamic between the two moms in this story and their goal of getting their adult children married.  Three was very little angst and it came in the form of the ex-wife but with a realistic conflict and resolution.  Franny the daughter is adorable and perfectly written. I hope to see more from this family soon.