Review: Grace Under Fire by Julie Garwood

Rating: 3.5/5
Series: Buchanan-Renard, #14
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Trope: Opposites attract, close proximity, one bed, suspense, veteran, first responder, family series
PoP: 48%

These two together doesn’t make sense but it does. They are complete opposites. In away I don’t feel we got enough of their attraction and their chemistry. There was so much on the page at times it was so crowded with the suspense aspect of the story that I felt the relationship was an afterthought.  They seemed to lack passion and communication. It also bugged me that there was never a conversation about birth control or condoms.   

Typically, Julie Garwood writes these dynamic Heroines. I felt like Isabel has more to her than we were given. The potential was there for a dynamic heroine, but we only got bits and pieces of it.  I felt like if there has been more interaction between the 2 main characters, we would have gotten it.

At times I felt like the author threw spaghetti at the wall with this book to see what would fit. It created a diluted story with too much to keep track of.  We had rockstars, ex’s, college friends, the big family, the murder, the businessman and the stalker.  It was overwhelming in the story and took away some of the things that the author does well. 

Overall it was a good read. I think it is more Suspense Fiction with romantic elements than a romance.   I just really wish we had more Michael and Isabel.