Dead Draw | Layla Reyne

Layla Reyne is a new to me author, and the blurb for this book is what drew me in.  I am a big fan of romantic suspense as well as MM.  The other tropes were just an added bonus, and happen to be some of my favorites! First off you should know that it is book one of a two book series that releases in the Fall of 2022.  That did not hinder me from diving in, and really I think where we left off was perfect and I didn’t feel as a reader I left frustrated.  If anything it makes me more anxious for the next book! After all that has been said WOW did I enjoy this book! How we were introduced to the characters was so fun.  At first I had to go back and reread to make sure I had the characters all set in my head and I felt like I needed my own “war room” several times during the book.  

Marsh and Levi are both FBI agents working on cases that intersect each other.  Marsh is a hacker and computer genius and Levi is a field agent investigator.  Levi is a widow and has a teenage son.  And life after his wife’s death has not been easy.  He is struggling in more ways than one.  In comes Marsh, a literal cowboy that does things his own way and offers Levi a solution to part of his problems.  The catch, they marry each other while working together on their cases.  

I really enjoyed Reyne’s writing style, readers really got to know the characters throughout this book but it didn’t stop the book from moving.  There was A LOT of action in this book, and very case/mission heavy.  I was so into it.  I am a huge true crime fan, so this was totally my jam.  While Marsh and Levi worked on this case with some other agents we really got to know them and were rooting for them to move their relationship from professional.  Something I also appreciated about Levi being a single dad is that his son was not lost in this book, he definitely is a main character. My mom heart hurt so much for David and I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Levi and his relationship with Marsh.  There was a lot of sexual tension between Marshe and Levi and I adored how their personal relationship played out.  

If you enjoy a mission heavy case and a close team with very fun banter and love-able characters then I highly recommend his book! I already have book two pre-ordered!