I Wish I Knew | Jessica Peterson

Bald Head Island just off the coast of North Carolina is absolutely the most perfect setting for this new series.  I had half my bags packed and ready to move about 2 chapters in. The way Peterson describes this small island’s local population, scenery, people, and of course the food! Long time fans of Jessica’s know that we don’t get a book of hers without being starved for the food she includes … .and friends this is no different!  

Louise Wade comes from a prominent family, and it appears that her life is perfect.  But looks can be very very deceiving.  She left Bald Head Island 10 years ago and never returned, now she is back to help put on the most beautiful wedding for her best friend. 

Riley Dixon is a man on a mission.  At 18 he fell in love with a girl that the world would see as too good for him.  He spent the last 10 years of his life working his butt off to become something.  And he finally is where he wants to be, and his girl is back on his island.  He is an accomplished business man with a heart of gold.  The people of Bald Head Island love and adore him, because of his kind generous heart.  But truth be told, he is lonely.  He longs to have someone to share the life that he worked hard for.  So when Louise, or Lu to Riley, the love of his life, is back on Bald Head Island he does what he can to make sure she stays his forever. 

All I am going to say is that everyone should be loved the way Riley loves Lu.  This man is obsessed with her and does whatever he can to make sure that her needs are met in every sense of the word.  And boy oh boy does he ever! Riley and Lu have some serious chemistry, and I might say this is Jessica’s steamiest book that I have read. Riley has some serious stamina and is not afraid to keep showing Lu just how much he misses her.  Let’s just say that Dolly, his yacht, was rocking pretty much the entire book.  And I was 1000% her for it. I love how Riley helped Lu see who she was, and what SHE wanted out of life….not what others expected out of her.  And the side characters were amazing and so perfect! I cannot wait to get more from Tuck and Able.  And I wouldn’t be so sad if we got to see more of Joe and Lady! Friends, if you love a steamy second chance, filled with amazing banter, side characters and set in a gorgeous location that will leave you literally hungry for more I highly recommend this book for you! 

* I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 


Rating: 4.5 stars!
POV: Dual first person
POP: 42%

Series: Harbor Village 

Type of Series: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Second chance, small town, wrong side of the tracksRelease Date: 10/5/23
Available on Kindle Unlimited