Clueless Puckboy | Saxon James & Eden Finley

From the moment readers got to meet Ayri Quinn we have been waiting very impatiently for him to find his person and get his HEA.  While I would say that Ayri is literally the sweetest of the collective, yes, even more than Tripp or Aleks.  There were plenty of jokes, belly laughing moments, and some dirty talking.  Sweet sweet Ayri all but trips over himself when he is around Vance it is adorable.  So adorable. But also a little problematic for a guy in the NHL trying to make a name for himself.  And I especially love how Asher and some of the other guys give him ZERO grace.  None.  I should also add that I am more in love with Little D than before! 
Vance is a wow….I can totally understand why Ayri is so tongue tied around him.  That man made me silly and weak in the knees.  But most of all he just “got Ayri”.   When Ayri says that Vance is a grown up he isn’t lying.  He is so mature and has his life together.  Vance is obviously a natural caretaker, and taking care of Ayri and the others clearly makes him happiest.  

The way that Vance and Quinn’s (Ayri) relationship grew and evolved was perfect.  It felt like a slow burn but these two needed that time to get to know one another, build a friendship because had they not have done that the banter would not have been top tier. These two were not only perfect for one another but they were funny.  And the chemistry, that was top tier as well … .and let’s say one of their dirty mouth was a little bit of a surprise; in the best way possible. The incorporation of the collective was also done so well, and I love all the little sneak peeks into what our favorite PR nightmares are up to!  And even more of who we will be getting next … .I feel like this one might give Ezra and Oskar a run for their money.  I will warn you readers; you will want to do a reread of the CU series AND the Puckboys you forget how simply amazing and hilarious they are! As for the hockey talk in this book, next level! I loved all of the on ice glimpses and time spent on the Buffalo bench! If you love a found family, fun banter, a cinnamon roll heroes and hockey this book should be on your kindle today!