Review: A Cocky Hero Club Books

A Cocky Hero Club Book Review: Doctor Heartbreaker By Kathyrn M. Hearst

Rhett is the cardiologist with a broken heart and wounded soul.  Emily is the girl next door and all of Rhett’s first including his first heart break. 

This book was incredibly sweet.  I loved the interactions between Emily and Rhett.  Their reconnect scene at the beginning of the book is every blind date/set up gone bad.  Rhett doesn’t recognize Emily and instead mistakes her as the waitress! He is stepping in it left and right with her.  Rhett tries to make up ground and reconnect with Emily but before he even has his chance, his crazy ex wife makes an apperance.  She is the whole reason Rhett broke her heart a decade ago. 

I don’t always love second chance romances but this one was well done. Youth and bad decisions can only allow for so much leniency and forgiveness, but I don’t think Emily and Rhett are completely to blame for how things ended the first time.  I love the addition of their mothers and Emily’s daughter Zoe and their patient Paola. 

I really enjoyed the story immensely. It was nice to revisit Simon and Bridget from the British Bedmate.   I have loved these worlds and characters that Vi Keeland and Penelope Ward have inspired.  This was a 4/5 read for me. 

Filthy Fire Fight by Emma Louise

Hayden and Adele

Another Perfect offering for the fans of the Cocky Hero Club series.  Did you love Chance and Aubrey from Cocky Bastard?  Ever wonder about Chance’s sister, Adele? This is the perfect story for someone who had been through so much.  I really love the intensity of I loved the characters of Adele and Hayden. He saves her when her house catches on fire only to end up his roommate.   Adele and Hayden each come into the story with their own baggage and you just know once they shed it that their love is one for the ages. 

I wanted more of this story.  I wanted more of them.  They are just one of those couples that sticks with you.  Often when you fall in love with a story there just isn’t enough of it.  The ending felt a little rushed. This was a quick and easy read.  I would give it a 4/5, simple because the ending was rushed.  It is a really well-done story. 

So I have to amend my review a bit for FF. While this book at face value was a 4/5 for me it is actually a better story for Adele than the offering of the Jilted Jock by Rebecca Jenshak.

While I love the concept of the Cocky Hero Club, I was a bit sad that another author had written a similar story.  If we compare the two books, I think the Filthy Firefighter did a better job in telling Adele’s story and her history.  Adele’s past and her baggage is overwhelming and I don’t feel we saw enough of that in Jilted Jock.  If I compare the two stories Filthy Fire Fighter becomes a 5/5 read for me.

My thoughts to the authors in the CHC, I hope this is a one off.  I hope that we don’t see repeat characters “getting” their story.  It makes it a bit difficult as a reader to not compare them. It also created issues with in the “world” that is created.  You now have a parallel universe where Adele has a different husband.

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