One Weekend in London by JE Parker

POV: Dual 1st Person
TROPES: Instant Connection; Division of Class; Billionaire; London Fling; OTT Hero; Slow Burn
SERIES: One Weekend
TYPE OF SERIES: Collaborative Series with Multiple Authors; All Standalones
RELEASE DATE: May 10, 2024
PoP: 64%

Welcome to One Weekend in London, part of the One Weekend author collaboration series.

JE Parker returns with a bang with One Weekend in London. Not having released a book in almost two years, readers are treated to a delightful story about a woman trying move forward. Sadie Winslow left her would be groom at the altar after finding him in a compromising position with her best friend. And in the next few months, the gossip of her small town reaches a high and she flees to London.

There she meets billionaire Rhys Kensington. Really Rhys sees her, and he is done. BOOM… she is his. She is the one for him, and he doesn’t even know her name. That doesn’t stop him the slightest. What follows is a well developed story about two people who are two halves on a whole. Who, even thought they just met, know (even with some self-doubt on Sadie’s part) that this is truly forever. Rhys is unflinchingly aware of his life in the spotlight, but vows to do anything any everything he can to keep Sadie a part of it.

Sadie has the best family back home in her small town. They love hard… so hard, but they want her to be endlessly happy. The support that they show each other is wonderful to see. Pawpaw is the cornerstone of their family, and truly is a wonder each time he graces the page. If J.E. Parker hasn’t made it to your never-ending TBRs… you need to add her entire backlist today!

As I’m becoming accustomed to being, I remain lost in Sadie, in the way she mouths along to the heart-wrenching lyrics of the final number, tears streaming down her cheeks.

One Weekend in London Cover

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