Ep 163- Diving into Backlists

On this episode of Buzzing about Romance Heather and Lindsey join Becky to talk about Authors with long Backlists.  What do we mean by a backlist but also how to approach these authors with a long backlist.   

Topics Covered

  • What do we mean by a backlist?  
  • What happens when  a backlist doesn’t hold up.   
  • Backlist we are often asked about where to start ?  
  • Why is it important for authors to have some “introductory” books on your list.  
  • Are there any authors that you are hesitant start because of their back list? 

Authors Covered for this Episode. We will be back in August with a Part 2!

  • Natasha Madison  
  • Sawyer Bennett  
  • Melissa Foster  
  • Kelly Jamieson  
  • Carrie Ann Ryan  
  • Helena Hunting  
  • Kaylee Ryan  
  • Riley Edwards  
  • Lexi Blake  
  • Charity Ferrell
  • Sarina Bowen 
  • Susan Stoker  
  • NIkki Ash    
  • Brittney Sahin  

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