Review: Falling for Her by Monica Murphy

This was a perfect offering of a New Adult/YA romance.  I fell in love with the Callahan Clan with Fable and Drew in the One Week Girlfriend Series.  Falling for her is the story of their son Jacob.  While characters from this series do appear it can be read as a complete stand alone story. 

Jake Callahan is your typical popular football player. He has dated the head cheerleader and is the quarterback for the school’s football team. Jake is very much the big man on campus, all the while battling an internal fight to be more, he isn’t really happy in his current roles. 

Hannah Walsh is a quiet outcast of the high school. She very much knows her role in her high school and doesn’t try to draw attention or veer from her path.  Her people is a small group of two.  They all do what they can to avoid the notice of the “it crowds”.  What starts as something as simple as getting to know each other has the potential to turn into something no one expects. This story was very much about exploring relationships and how to truly be you with in a relationship. 

Falling For Her is very typical High School. This was very much a telling of relationships and coping with in the social structure of High School.  It deals very much with the topic of bullying and social pressures. This book shows so much character growth. 

Jake and Hannah are not typical and shouldn’t work but they do. I fell in love with Hannah and was cheering her on the entire book.  To see her progression and growth really carries the story for me.  Jake and Hannah really go slow into their relationship becoming friends before their romantic relationship. 

Falling for Her is a mature YA book that takes place entirely in high school. It is quintessential high school, jocks, mean girls, and outcast.  The world Murphy creates you can see the parties, the cliques, the bullying, and Friday Night football game.  This book is everything you love and hate about high school.   This was a 4/5 read for me.  YA/New Adult is not always my thing, but Murphy writes so well and tell such a great story with meaningful characters that get right to your heart.