Review: The Wedding Dilemma by Mariah Ankenman

Rating: 4/5
Angst 1/5
Trope: Meet-cute, instant connection, firefighter, opposites attract, forced proximity,
Series: Standalone
Trigger Warning: parents re-marrying and past loss of a parent

She didn’t want to bond with the guy, she wanted to bone him…

Free-spirited artist Tamsen and over-protective firefighter Parker’s first meeting occurs through some highly unusual circumstances, and as it’s under work conditions for him, he cannot act on that instant spark of attraction he feels for her. Little did either of them know that they’d be meeting again so soon, and that it would at their parent’s engagement party!

When Tamsen and Parker get roped into planning a wedding shower for them soon to be married parents, they cannot deny the way that they feel. The chemistry here is off the charts. You add in some fun flirty banter and the story is hot! Although they would be future stepsibling the relationship does not feel so forbidden. This set up just adds a fun twist with some push-pull that keeps the tension running.

The firefighter elements and personal histories that they must work through makes this an even more delightful read. I was captivated by their story and loved the way they move forward and learn to trust each other. Giving their instant connection some more depth.

I really enjoyed the story overall though; it had a few laugh-out-loud moments.  They have some fun and flirty moments.  And I only have to see the word ‘firefighter’ and I’m 100% interested, because fire fighters are sexy!  Overall, this was a fun and flirty read with low-drama, highly entertaining. This story really has the perfect formula for a summer read; a hot couple, extra steam, and humor. The Wedding Dilemma was a charming romance read. Perfect for vacations or to sit poolside with.  This is the perfect book for summer. 

The Wedding Dilemma was my first read by Mariah Ankenman, and I am excited to dive into her next book.