Ep 47: The Epic Epilogue Discussion

On this Episode we are discussing the Epic Epilogue with Patreon members Lindsey and Carolina.  We are going to talk about whether we need Epilogues.  What do we want from an epilogue? What we don’t like about an epilogue.  

A little bit about an epilogue.  From deep in the innerwebs to find some general knowledge about epilogues. 

  • The first known use of the word epilogue was in the 15th Century and it was used as a concluding section of the literary work. In Middle English and Middle French the term “epilogue” was used. In Latin they used epilogus, from Greek epilogos, and then epilegein.
  • Purpose of an epilogue: In fiction writing, an epilogue is a literary device that functions as a supplemental, but separate, part of the main story. It is often used to reveal the fates of the characters in a story and wrap up any loose ends
  • According to some literary sources: One thing an Epilogue should never do is reiterate your theme or remind your reader the moral of your story. If you didn’t accomplish that in the story itself, an Epilogue will not fix it. Most importantly, after reading your Epilogue, your reader should leave satisfied, never confused.
  • Should Epilogues have titles other than “Epilogue” : An epilogue can have a title, but it is not necessary. … No, the epilogue is part of the story. Typically a story with an epilogue doesn’t use the words “The End.”

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Next Up (what we are discussing next time):  Next Time we are chatting with author Karla Sorenson about her love of sports romance and writing across different sports and how she develops the stories. 

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