Wild Ride | by Kim Loraine

I have thirty days to make my wife fall in love with me.

The biggest rivalry in Sunrise, Montana is the feud between the ranch families of the Rykers and the Wildes. And it’s only grown stronger over the years.
So what happens when a Wilde and a Ryker wake up in Vegas, in the same bed, hungover, and…married?
Sutton Wilde and Sera Ryker are in for one Wild Ride.

Heather’s Review:

After reading the Ryker Ranch series, I knew that I was going to have to read the WIlde Horse Ranch series. And let me tell you you, book one in this new series does not disappoint.   I was not prepared for Sutton Wilde.  At all.  And when Sutton and Serafina wake up in Vegas to their family’s biggest rival.  Well…I knew Kim Loraine was going to bring readers on a Wild Ride {pun intended}.  Having read the Ryker series I knew a little about Sera, but Sutton was basically unknown, and frankly really disliked because he is a Wilde afterall.  But when the pair returned home to a media circus, they decided to live together and stay married for 30 days.  Sutton is dead set on making his wife fall in love with him, while Sera, she just wants to make the 30 days.  And of course take the trip she earned.  

When I said I wasn’t prepared for Sutton I was not.  This man. He comes from a broken home, and lost his mother at a very young age.  And his father, well he didn’t do much in the way of raising his children….he was more focused on marrying and divorcing women.  He is quick witted, funny, and really loves hard.  How he gently nudged Sera into spending time with him and hopefully falling in love with him was beautiful.  But Sera, she is stubborn and was not interested in getting hurt and micromanaged like she had been in the past.  And when they finally couldn’t resist each other the chemistry was off the charts and very hot!  

Sutton and Sera’s story warmed my heart.  I adored the way he loved her so fiercely.  And my heart broke for them at the same time because the past was playing a huge role in their future happiness together.  One of the best parts of a family series is seeing the relationship between the siblings.  In the Ryker series you get a really good look at their family, but I loved how Loraine showed us the lives of the Wilde brothers.  I am so looking forward to all of their stories!  I highly recommend this book and I am anxiously awaiting the next book in this series.  

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