Stone by Sawyer Bennett

Series: Pittsburgh Titans book 2
POV: Dual 1st Person
Trope: Hockey; Damaged Hero; Siblings best friend; Sports romance; Grumpy Sunshine; Floof; Slow Burn
PoP: 76%
Rate: 5/5 Stars
Release Date: March 1st, 2022

When I started this book, I didn’t like Stone at all, but I knew that by the end that Sawyer Bennett would make me love him.  And she did not disappoint.  Stone is a grumpy guy, who has allowed the toxicity of his parents to affect the relationship with his brother Brooks.  Brooks was one of the Titans that dies in the plane crash, and Stone who has been down in the minors since an injury forced him out.  The Titans call him up, and he is reeling from the fact that he is in this situation.  Angry at the world, at his parents, at life.  Harlow is the best friend of Brooks who is still grieving his death, and in his death, Brooks has left her trustee of his will and his secrets.  

This story will break you apart… there are some tough topics that Bennett treats with grace.  Harlow isn’t without fault in her life, but she has worked hard to overcome.  Stone has such revelations in this book in the aftermath of Brooks death.  Harlow and Stone start a friendship that Stone wasn’t expecting.  I love the dynamic between these two.  I love the way in which they grow together.  Stone deals with a lot of issues and there are moments that his insecurities take over. Harlow is such a strong character who is working towards her goals.  She is dealing with her own demons but at the same time she has the support system.  The dogs in the book were adorable.

There is so much interaction with the team, and there are so many exciting that are coming with the team and the chaos that is following some of them.  I am so excited for more Titans!