The Bookie | Renee Rose

Chelle will do whatever she needs to make sure that her brother stays out of trouble, and if that means putting herself in danger she will.  She just wasn’t expecting to be so attracted to her brother’s loanshark.  She has never been into bad boys, and let’s be real Nikolai is as bad as they come….or at least she thinks he is. 
Nikolai is drawn to this woman and he doesn’t know why.  So he goes against everything he has ever done and offers 30 nights for her brother’s freedom.  But will those 30 nights be enough?  

To start these two have a connection that is immediate.  From the moment they met it was clear that they would not be able to stay away from each other.  In previous books we know that Nikolai has strong protective instincts but they go into overdrive when it comes to Chelle.  There is no way that he is going to lose this woman especially when he only has her for a short period of time.  I really felt that Chelle shined when she was with Nikolai.  He allowed her to take so much burden off her shoulders and be the professional bad ass that she is meant to be, while he stood behind her and supported her.  And in turn, she opened his eyes to the ways that he made his brotherhood better.  She saw him for the real man he was, and not a criminal that others might see him as. 
And should we talk about the steamy chemistry these two have.  Wow, Renee Rose can write a steamy scene and this book did not disappoint.  Nikolai has an amazing dirty talking mouth that I could not get enough of.  He has moved to the top of my book boyfriend list for sure! The only thing I wish was that we got a little more of his relationship with his twin brother, Dima.  I loved their relationship in The Hacker.   If you have not read any of these books, I HIGHLY recommend you read the series! You do not want to miss any of these characters!