Review: Code Name: Omega by Sawyer Bennett

Rating: 5/5  PoP:37%  Jameson Force Security Book 10

This was my first Jameson Force Security book. I know, I know. Too many books, too little time. But I am so glad I made time for this one. That said, this book completely stands alone. There are a lot of side characters but Sawyer does a great job of summarizing who they are and what their stories are without giving too much away. Just enough that I need to find time to read the first nine books. Anyway this book centers on ex Marine, Kellen who has recently joined the Jameson Force. His current love is his dog Bubba (Omega) who he served with in the Marines. 

Kellen meets the other lead of the story when Bubba requires an emergency vet visit. Abby is intriguing to Kellen from the start and the more he gets to know her the more he cares about her. Abby is passionate about bringing down the area puppy mill, no matter the cost to her own safety. Kellen gets entangled in her pursuit pretty quickly and it becomes a big part of how they grow together. Abby is a passionate person that does not seem afraid of confrontation except when it is her own past. And Kellen is a sweet and caring partner that wants what is best for her. 

I loved how this couple progressed towards a relationship in a natural way. They did not deny feelings and talked most things out. Abby quickly learns, she cannot keep anything from Kellen. There are some comical parts and a bit of heartbreak but the relationship remains strong. I love how they find support and comfort in each other. Speaking of love, their first “I love  you”s are certainly unique but very fitting for them. As others are understandably sad to see this series ending, I’m so happy I have nine books left to read.