Code Name: Omega | Sawyer Bennett

In all honesty I am still not ready to say goodbye to the Jameson Force Security team.  I have adored this series from the very beginning.  The cast of people that Sawyer has brought together is nothing short of amazing.  This series introduced me to the world of romantic suspense and in turn I have become a huge fan of the genre.  While I was excited to start Kellen and Abby’s book, I also waited because I didn’t want it to be over. 

From the start I was absolutely sucked in.  The heart of this book is a swoony former Marine, a retired military dog, and a feisty heroine that adores animals…did I mention that she is feisty.  Oh yeah it is safe to say I love love love Abby. She is one of the fiercest heroines I have read in a long time.  And she has the biggest heart.  Our introduction to Abby is perfection, and really shows readers her true self.  Abby reminds me so much of my own best friend, that I was rooting for her from the get go! When Kellen comes from a work assignment and finds his dog, Omega (a.k.a Bubba) unwell he rushes him to his vet’s office.  His main vet is on vacation, but Dr. Blackburn is available.  In walks a tiny feisty woman that falls to her knees…..for the large dog.  Completely ignoring his handsome owner.  We really also get to see the true heart of Kellen.  He is such a good guy.  Really the best.  He loves everything he has.  And Bubba is his companion.  Kellen also takes note of the beautiful vet, Abby. 
When Kellen helps out Abby by taking in a foster, the pair begin a friendship that felt so effortless to read.  These two fit together and have amazing chemistry and hilarious banter.  They are both very quick witted; sometimes while reading romantic suspense the topics are heavy, so there isn’t a lot of levity.  Kellen and Abby have a beautiful story that is full of emotion and love.  We really got a sense of the team and family that the Jameson Force Security team makes, and I loved getting just a little more into each of their lives.  That is not the case with this book, there is a lot of fun banter but it evens out so well with all of the serious topics that Bennett tackles, and there are several.  While I will miss the Jameson team like crazy, Bennett totally teased us with the Blackburn family.  Abby’s family is very fascinating, and there are a lot of them…including her twin sister.  Trust me when I say you will fall in love with them all and want more.