Always the One for Me | Carrie Ann Ryan

Second chance romances sometimes are tricky. But Carrie Ann Ryan does this one beautifully. I fell in love with Evan and Kendall in One Way Back to Me.  

When we met Evan in book one of this series Carrie Ann Ryan did an amazing job showing us how sad and lost he seemed. Evan works hard to protect those around him, even distancing himself if he feels he could be harmful to them.  It is clear after reading more about Evan that he loves so much, but doesn’t let people see his emotions…even those closest to him.  His brothers try so hard to pull him in and encourage him to open up.  But that seems like something he is only able to do around and for Kendall, who is the new head chef at the resort and also happens to be his ex-wife.  That is right, ex-wife.

Kendall Wilder is a hard working chef that has worked her way through school and to become head chef somewhere. Kendall has a personality that pulls you in and makes you really want to get to know her.  She easily builds friendships with others at the resort, and she makes some seriously amazing food.  It is clear that she is hurt by Evan and even though they have to work together, she is determined to make it work….because she has finally accomplished her dream. 

I was so intrigued by their relationship and how it all occurred.  And the more and more we got to know about their marriage and past, the more I was cheering for them to find themselves back to one another.  Evan and Kendall both have a very deep sense of family, and hard work.  I enjoyed how much the book centered around food, because Kendall truly loves what she does.  How the Wilder family rallies around each other to support and protect their own was so amazingly done in this book and makes me want all their stories even more now! This book has a good amount of mystery and angst as their feud with the Dukes continues. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Wilder family, and I am more and more excited for the books yet to come in this series…..I want them all!