Dirty Beasts: Rev by Jasinda Wilder

POV: Dual 1st Person
PoP: 38%
Tropes: Damaged Hero; Anti-Hero; Protector; Second Chance at Love; Opposites Attract; Dirty Talker; Found Family
Series: Dirty Beasts
Rate:  5/5 Stars
Release Date: July 29, 2022

Myka is starting over.  She is embarking on a road trip to find herself again, and makes the decision to go to Las Vegas.

Once there, her life is about to change in ways she never expected.  She stumbles upon Sin; a club that is more than meets the eye, and here is where her life is turned upside down.  Rev sees Mika and is instantly attracted to her.  But he thinks because of his background and baggage he tries to keep his distance.  However, Mika doesn’t allow him to push her away… she bides her time and pulls Rev back into her orbit.

Rev is a man that thinks he is broken and that he has nothing of value to give.  But he is so much more than he thinks.  Rev is one of those over the top, touch her and die alpha heroes that are exactly what I want.  But he doesn’t step over Myka and what she needs.  He is uber possessive but allows her to stand on her own at the same time. 

This is an intriguing start to a series that wraps up this HEA perfectly, but introduces a world that I need more from.