Sutter Lake Series by Catherine Cowles

There is something magical about this series.  I also feel like Catherine Cowles speaks my love language with the kidnapping happening in each book! Seriously this series has a poetry to it’s story telling.  A poetry that speaks to the heart. The emotions with in the series brings some big feels. This is a series that will stay with you for a long time after you are done reading.

Beautifully Broken Pieces- Book 1

This was out August selection for Drunk Book Club, and it was amazing. It was the perfect balance of world building and romance.  This story was so good! Walker and Taylor are such great characters. I am a huge Catherine Cowles Fan. Every time I read one of her stories, I am transported into a world that has such beauty but there is danger lurking in the underbelly of it. The author’s writing style is almost poetic in the way she paints the world. Giving us broad strokes to know who the world and beautiful small details is to share the characters souls. After finishing this story, I quickly downloaded and am reading book 2 of the series. If you have not read this book yet I HIGHLY recommend it. There is an alluring love story with strong attractions and emotions that are tactile for the reader. There is also the suspense side of the story that just enhances the HEA journey.

Honestly, I want to pick up and move to Sutter Lake! 

Beautifully Broken Life – Book 2

Please check content warnings before reading this book. 

The magic of Sutter Lake continues into book 2. Liam is such a caretaker.  You can see that his life of being on the road and a rockstar has worn him down. He is trying to escape from the pressure while battling some major writer’s block.  Tessa is hiding in plain sight.  She had escaped from an abusive ex and is trying to remain safe while building a quiet life. Tessa is intensely private. She has never truly had someone care for her or be in her corner fighting for her. Her draw to Sutter Lake is a on a chance and that connection ends up being everything. 

I think that Tessa and Liam might be my most favorite couple in this whole series. 

Beautifully Broken Spirit -Book 3

Jensen and Tucker’s story was such a fantastic read. I loved the support they had for each other. The way that even before they hooked up they moved in a coordinated fashion.  These two are an extension of each other long before they realized it.  The author does a great job balancing the role of Noah, Jensen’s young son in the book. There is so much chemistry smoldering between these two. When they connect it is an inferno.  I also liked that Walker did not freak out upon learning that these two were together.  

Honestly , how does each book just get better and better?

Beautifully Broken Control – Book 4

Kennedy and Cain- was unexpected and delightful.  Kennedy’s heart was once of the kindest  with in this series. She is a complete empath. Cain is protective of those in his life. He previous loss and grief has dictated how is moves  out in the world.  He is so over the top at times. 
While l loved the romance between these 2 I really would have liked more from Cain. I would have liked to see more growth from him. He was still very over the top protective by the end. He is very much a work in progress.  This was not my favorite of the series but still an excellent read.

Beautifully Broken Redemption Book 5

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One of the things that is great about this whole series is the competent emotionally available men.  The strong female heroines using an inner strength that speaks volumes to their resilience.

I did listen to the audiobook and really enjoyed Aaron Shedlock and Maxine Mitchell.  I love that the whole series in narrated by them both, it adds a storytelling feel this series.