Coming Home for Us | Carrie Ann Ryan

I feel like we have been waiting for Elijah and Maddie to find love.  If I am being honest I will say that I was shocked when Elijah started dating someone, and my heart literally broke for Maddie.  It was like watching a friend watch the man she loved fall for someone else.  My heart ached for her.  And I was a little mad at Elijah for not noticing and loving my friend as much as I did.  But everyone’s story isn’t a straight forward route and Elijah and Maddie’s is no different. 

Maddie found herself and thrived working for the Wilder Vineyards.  She was doing what she loved, and loved the family she built with the brothers and their significant others.  She couldn’t help falling for Elijah but all they had was friendship.  When opportunities come knocking for Maddie she is put in a tough spot, does she stay or does start over somewhere else?   Elijah losing the woman he thought he would love forever was tough. He began to wade through grief and was certain that he wouldn’t be able to love again. But when he starts to notice Maddie in a different way than he had previously, things start to shift for him.  

I really love how we have been able to see Elijah and Maddie’s relationship evolve through the other brothers books, and really get inside their heads as things shift for both of them.  And then the pair finally gave into their feelings holy buckets was it HOT! So hot….wowzer these two have some serious chemistry- which I think we were all expecting.  But Elijah’s dirty mouth was a very nice surprise! 
The internal angst was amazing, and I think it highlights the fact that communication in relationships is key, even in fictional ones! Elijah and Maddie worked hard for their relationship- which had some ups and downs, and it is clear that they are a perfect fit for one another.  Do yourself and favor and download the epilogue you WILL NOT be disappointed.  

Another amazing Wilder book from Carrie Ann Ryan! This series has quickly become one of my absolute favorites and the tease for the next book was amazing, and not nice at the same time! But OMG East is next, friends and he is going to be the grumpiest of them all….but they always fall the hardest, right?!?!