Love Unexpected by Q. B. Tyler

This is  a story about the unconventional love affair of a stepfather and his stepdaughter.

Stassia, at the age of 10, believes herself in love with Dominic until he marries her mother. In response to her heart being broken by this she acts out in typical teen faction to this new authority in her life.  The untimely death of her mother (his wife) now allows past attraction to come out of the shadows.  The renewed attraction shifts the story into something adult, forbidden and completely Taboo. 

Stassia is a very snarky, saucy, confident, and tempting teen.  Dominic is a protector, alpha, assuredly sexually experienced, attractive jealous-possessive control traits.  Both have had the emotional upheaval of losing someone they love.  The chemistry and attraction in this story is built tactfully and comes across as a natural response to the circumstances of their relationship.  Once the spark of attraction is ignited with these two the steam and heat jump from the pages.  This much more than just sexy read there was a lot of emotion in this story. This was a well written story with the perfect balance of steam, erotica, and emotion. 

The Author did a great job in creating the Daddy/daughter sentiment of the storyline in a very tactful way. Making the heroine submissive and much more about care and passion over parenting. 

Even though this is taboo and erotica the author creates a very emotional read to go along with the steam and seductiveness of the story.  The book was very well written and was a complete story.  The movement fo the story line felt complete and natural.  It was more than just steamy sexy scenes.  The emotions this book provokes by being a Taboo story creates a unique read.

This was a 4/5 read for me. It is very well done. I enjoyed the steam and the sexy of the book.