Review: Ascend by Swati MH

Rating: 3.5/5   PoP: 52%   

Isabella Patel is used to making adjustments and dealing with the cards life has dealt her. We learned in her cousin’s, Rani, book that she had become pregnant from a one night stand. The circumstances around which were more complicated than she knew at the time. Garrett Meyer was infatuated with Bella at first meet but he has been patient for the last few years as she has tried to find her way. He is always there for Bella and has a special bond with her daughter Meera. 

I wanted to like this book more than I did. The setup is great and who doesn’t love a Vegas wedding? However the push for them getting married seemed to give Bella a reason to ignore her true feelings for Garrett. In contrast Garrett is all in from the very beginning and at times I think he is too patient with her. Bella has a lot of hurt from her past and needs reassurance to take chances, ones Garrett repeatedly provides. Yet, Bella is stubborn and stuck in her own head. 

Garrett really made this book for me. He is a reformed playboy but he does not hide that, he wants to move on to a different future. He is a thoughtful and caring character that shows his devotion to both Bella and Meera in actions. His “reasoning” for continuing with the marriage is ridiculous but I get that he is finally pulling out all the stops to keep Bella and Meera in his life. I just wanted a bit more change/development from Bella in the end.