I love a good secret baby romance. Undisclosed might be my new favorite of the trope.  I love it so much.  Mac and Gwen are some of the best characters I have read in recent week. 

Gwen is confronted with the father of her son Tristan on a job interview.  Without realizing it Gwen applied for a PR position with a company owned by her precollege fling, Mac, the father of her son.  Because of the shock of the situation she plays dumb like she doesn’t know who he is, which really riles Mac up.  Mac has thought often about the girl who got away over the last dozen years.  Mac is completely gob smacked when Gwen is standing in his office.

The characters in Undisclosed are fantastic, the supporting characters of Gwen’s sisters, Mac’s PA Cece and his brother Alex, all add such richness to the story. Mac and Gwen’s quirks and resistance to start a new makes for an engaging read. 

The book does end on a cliffhanger, I am desperate to see what happens next.  I have so many questions about Mac’s Dad, William Sr, and how this will all play out and if Gwen and Mac will get their happily ever after. 

This was my first-time reading Liza Gaines.  I enjoyed her writing style and her story development.  I am anticipating the next installment of the Public Relations Series it can’t get here fast enough.   This was 5/5 read for me even though it was a Cliffhanger, because by now I am pretty sure you all know how I feel about a cliffhanger.