Shot Taker | Stacey Lynn

Get ready to add another book boyfriend to your list, actually, I think Maxim will check those boys to the bottom of your list.  Max is off on a week’s vacation with his family to a tropical island for his brother’s wedding. He is nursing an injury from the off season, and needs to mend his mind and heart.  The banter that Max has with his siblings is top notch, and Stacey Lynn did an amazing job with that dynamic! I want more and more from this family!!! Especially the sister and the younger brothers!!! 
Kim, a sought after lawyer in L.A is just looking for a week to relax in the sun and get some sleep and reading accomplished before her cousin gets married.  Kim is smart, feisty, and knows what she wants out of life.   Her character is a lot of fun, because she knows when to let her hair down and have fun, you can also tell that she is serious when she needs to be.  

Max and Kim have an amazing connection from the get go and decide that a week fling is just what they both need.  And their connection makes way for some very very steamy encounters in this tropical setting.  But more, the pair spend time outside of the bedroom together and begin to build an easy friendship.  I was nervous as each day passed for these two and where life was going to take them.  

Stacey Lynn’s Vegas Vipers series has very quickly become one of my all time favorite hockey series, and this one did not disappoint.  I also loved that we got little peeks into the guys’ lives and met some new characters that I cannot wait to meet more of.  Alix I am looking at you!  

If you love a book with a big close knit family, some great banter, amazing steamy scenes, a sweet hero, and a strong heroine this should be your next book!