By Virtue I Fall | Cora Reilly

Bound by Duty and Bound by the Past are amongst my all time favorite books, and I adore the Cavallaro family.  So I have been eagerly anticipating By Virtue I Fall.  And friends, Cora Reilly did not disappoint.  At all.  I finished this book late a few nights ago, and Anna and Santino have been on my mind since.   

Anna’s character is a perfect combination of Dante and Valentina.  She is fierce and stubborn and not afraid to go after what she wants.  After having her sights set on Santino for years, she finally gets her chance when she is able to study abroad in Paris.  Anna also has so much pride and love for her family, as well as The Outfit.  I really admired her and her ability to understand her role in making The Outfit stronger.  While some see women as not as strong or as valuable, Anna is surrounded by men who do not underestimate women.  

Santino is a wild child, and so different from his father Enzo (who is a favorite of mine).  Loving his role in The Outfit as the enforcer when he is asked to be the bodyguard for his Capo’s daughter, Dante is not a man you say no to.  He always made me chuckle when he made his disdain for Anna and Leonas’ antics in previous books, and it continues throughout this book as well.  As Anna grows and matures it becomes increasingly more difficult to not see her as the beautiful young woman that she is.  

The unwavering love of not only the family but the Outfit warmed my mafia loving heart. Chicago holds a special place in my heart, but the romantic backdrop of Paris and Europe sets the stage for this epic romance. While love matches are so rare in the mafia world, this duo deserves all the love that their relationship holds.  While this is definitely an Outfit book, I do love how it was so focused on Santino and Anna, their relationship and growth as people. 

You will laugh, and you will cry and probably cry some more. Anna and Santino bring an angsty push pull that is surprisingly sweet and their chemistry is off the charts.  It is so steamy and hot I was fanning myself. By Virtue I Fall will leave you feeling at peace and wanting more of this beautiful pair; definitely a book to read over and over.