Review: Wicked as Lies by Shayla Black

Rating: 5
Angst: 4/5
Trope: Alpha, book-series, cliffhanger, military, slow burn, single mom,
Book 1 of 2 of a Duet
Wicked and Devoted book 3


Chase “Zyron” Garrett is a complete enigma.  We have meet him in the previous book in the series, Wicked and Devoted. We also meet Tessa in the previous story.  She is the receptionist for the security firm that they work for.  We learn very quickly there is a no fraternization policy in place that co- workers can not be involved. After some big missions have had huge ramifications on the team Zy is also tasted with finding the Mole with in their security company.

Zy is a fierce man, who is protective of the people in his life.  Zy is called upon shortly after joining the company to stay with Tessa. She is a brand-new mom, and her ex is causing her a lot of issues.

Tessa being a new mom is feeling completely overwhelmed with life.  A brief affair with a drunk not good guy has led to her greatest joy but with it comes a whole bunch of issues.  At the end of the day no matter what Tessa’s heart wants she needs to keep her head down and work hard.  Her job pays well.  The benefits are good.  She won’t do anything to risk it, even if she is desperately in love with Zy.  

This is book one in a duet of the story of Zy and Tessa. The book does end on a cliff hanger.  This is a very slow burn. You see why Zy is such an amazing guy and it hurts your heart that he has fallen so in love with Tessa and can’t do anything about it.  He just wants to care for Tessa and her daughter.  Tessa’s baby dad is not a good guy.  This is a fairly high level of angst from outside forces.  The author has set this up that we are desperate for book 2 in the story.  You need all the answers.  Zy is a 100% an alpha protector and a completely good guy.