Review: Only One Touch by Natasha Madison

Rating: 4.5
Trope: friends to lovers, hockey, billionaire, and co workers
Steam level: 4
Only Series

Only One Touch is a story that will bring you all the feels.  It is a bit of a ride and you might want to have a good friend on speed dial.  This story is fantastic.  The emotions played out in this story so well.  Becca and Nico falling in love had a very real and natural feel to it.  They were just a perfect fit for each other.  Nico is truly a good guy to the point that he breaks his own heart and Becca’s.

The readers of this series have gotten to know Becca as the champion Sports Agent.  She fights hard for her players.  She doesn’t take any crap from anyone.  She holds the people in her like to a very high standard. 

Nico is the owner of the Dallas hockey team that has handful of players that Becca reps form.  Nico has been the guy who might have inherited the hockey team, but he is working hard to raise the standards of the team.  His father, the previous owner, was very absentee.  Nico is in the mix traveling with the team, showing up at their family events.  He comes off as this super smart, successful caring man.  However, he is not smart as we had thought.  He makes a huge mistake and I person want to do him harm. 

Nico and Becca are the perfect friends to lover’s couple.  Nico and Becca had this amazing friendship that ended up being more and together they just fit. They have known each other and work closely together for a long time, but it was just like one day they saw each other, and something clicked in place to where they wanted more.  Their coming together felt natural they are a very good fit together. 

I knew going in that there was going to be some major heartbreak in this story.  I am not sure I was prepared for how much my heart would break.  This was a book/kindle throwing read.  Natasha Madison is an easy one clicks for me.  I really love her characters.