Drinks with the Bees All Star Hockey Book Boyfriend Draft Ep.33

Ep 33: Every wonder who the ultimate Hockey Romance Book Boyfriend is? The Bees have decided to help you out. Becky goes head to head with Hockey Romance Super Fan Heather. They are joined by Katie who refs the draft and Leah as time keeper.

Rules of the Draft: Becky and Heather will each draft 3 lines of All Stars. Each line will be 3 offensive players, 2 Defensive players and a goalie. ( or as close as we can figure out, remember we are human so lines/positions might night be 100% correct). No player will be duplicated. By the end of the episode you will have 36 Hockey Book recs of what we consider our Hockey Book Boyfriends.

We did ask our listeners and fans to share their Book Boyfriends and we will also share that list on the episode.

You can find our full list on our Goodreads shelves. https://goodreads.com/bookcaseandcoffee

Romance Buzz:  An Article from the New York Times was published in Dec about the Huge Disconnect between Romance books and the Big screen. It talks about lower budget offerings going to places like hallmark and passion flix.  But most of these I would say are sweeter romance.  When are we going to get our steamier romances to the screen. I think Bridgertons helps. But I think it needs more.  TV industry tends to pick up ones that have a mystery, not just a simple romance story.  https://www.nytimes.com/2020/12/28/arts/television/bridgerton-outlander-romance-novels.html
Listeners who have asked why more romance isn’t being made into series or movies this was a very thought provoking piece.  I encourage you all to read it.  I think Romance still has a way to go.  

Special Upcoming Episode:   On 2/11 We will drop our First ever State of Romance Episode.  We have gathered a large variety of authors and Romance Industry professionals to talk about where Romance is headed in 2021.  Some of the trends we are seeing.  Ways that more voices can be heard.  Trends of the market.  This will be an amazing Episode and I am super excited for it.  

Next Up : Next time on the podcast we’ll be chatting with Author Avery Flynn all about why we read romance and the power of romance.  Why romance doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Also some of the amazing things happening in the Romance Community.

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