Ep 123: Books that Smolder- Medium and Slow Burn

On this Episode Podcast Contributor Jenni and Carolina join in to share their favorite slow burns.  We will talk about what we like in a slow burn and what works.    

Questions we asked in this episode along with topics we cover.
What do you like about a slow burn?   
What make a book a slow burn?   
What do you expect in a slow burn?   
Slow Burn vs Medium Heat  
Medium Heat- It isn’t an instant connection but there isn’t the longing or the pushing away from their attraction to other person.  not as many pages spent “getting to know” each other or fighting against the attraction you would see in a Slow Burn.  Steamy but not Smutty  

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Exclusive clip from Hallows End by Kristen Proby from Lyric Audiobooks.
Hallow’s End features narrators Samantha Brentmoor, Sebastian York 

Lyric Audiobooks offers audiobook production services to some of the best  indie romance authors. You can find out more about Lyric Audiobooks at https://www.lyricaudiobooks.com/ 


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