Review: Brutal Vows by J.T. Geissinger

Rating: 4/5 PoP: 50% Monsters and Queens #4

Reyna Caruso is the definition of a warrior. Life as a Mob woman has not been kind to her but she is persistent and determined. She has learned to adapt and use her circumstances to her advantage. She meets “Spider” Quinn as he has arranged to be married to Lillian Caruso, Reyna’s niece. There is a palpable tension between the two from the start. But they both know it can go nowhere. At the last moment the situation changes and Spider and Reyna find their way to the altar together. Once the tension between these two breaks, it is explosive. As enjoyable as it is for both of them, they both know it is way more than physical attraction. They have a great push and pull that really does make them better. 

It was fun to get Spider’s story, he has been lurking around the edges for awhile. And we finally learn why his name is Spider. As all the “Monsters” in this series, he is a damaged hero that has suffered great loss. However, he easily gives his loyalty to those that prove to be worthy. Reyna is the best kick butt, good girl. She knows how to play the part until the perfect time to strike, like a viper. Both of the characters have to deal with some new emotions and learn how to grow with someone. Spider and Reyna are dedicated players and once they are in, they are all in. It is sad to see this series end but this was a good conclusion. I love that Reyna was so authoritative and got things done. She really is a Queen.