Controlled Burn by Marie James

Rate: 4/5 Stars
PoP: 53%
Security Force; Single Mom; Forced Proximity; Heroine in Danger
POV: Dual 1st Person
Series: Blackbridge Security #8

After reading Sleight of Hand, and still being a little salty about Gaige, I was looking forward to Finn’s story based on a scene in the previous book.  This book did not disappoint! Finn and Kendall are perfect together.  

Kendall has moved in with her brother because of some life changes and has been flirting with Finn in the gym that is in their condo building.  He, however, doesn’t realize that she is living in the apartment across the hall and ends up changing her living situation all over again.  What follows is an entertaining story of these two fighting their feelings, then giving into their feelings, but Kendall having. Hard time moving past her insecurities.  Finn hasn’t ever wanted kids, but Kendall comes with three, and he is thrust into the world of chaos that follows these kids.  He takes it in stride, and the outcome and his attitude aren’t quite what you expect after learning little bits about him throughout the series. 

This book gives us the typical storyline of the heroine in danger, but it isn’t cookie cutter or expected.  I love the way in which Kendall deals with her situation, and the beauty that is Wren Nelson never fails to keep you smiling.  

Also, we get the addition of Evie who will become Puff Daddy’s sidekick.  Don’t know who he is, you do not want to miss this series!  You don’t have to read the book sin order, it stands well on it’s own but you are missing out on some amazing leading men and ladies if you don’t.

One thing I do want to say, Marie James ends this book on a BANG and you are going to want to dive directly into the next book.  So if you aren’t into cliffhangers, you might want to wait because while this is a standalone, there is the introduction into the next book that is like nothing she has ever done before.