Maverick | Brenda Rothert

This is a hot new hockey series by Brenda Rothert in Sin City!  This is a brand new expansion team, and we get to know a whole new team! Of course, there are some familiar names from her Chicago series,  but a lot of new faces!  And since they are in sin city can you imagine all of the fun and trouble that will find this rowdy group of hockey players?!?!? I cannot wait! 

I wasn’t so sure about Maverick from the start, but the more I got to know him I was in love.  He is sweet, kind and so genuine.  He is not only the perfect book boyfriend, but the perfect boyfriend.  Maverick has had some struggles in the past, and some mental blocks that he is working to overcome.  He is fresh off of an injury that many thought was going to end his career.  He was driven to show the critics and himself that he still has it. Maverick is a natural leader, but I felt like he needed a little encouragement to shine in that role.  He hit it off right away with goalie, Pike (who we meet in book 2, which is already out!).  He finds himself at a poker table from a woman that he cannot keep his eyes off of. 
Gia is making a temporary stop in Vegas to accomplish her goal.  She has no time for friends, a life let alone a hot hockey player.  But Maverick has made an impression on her.  Maverick does a great job of worming himself into her life and the two become friends.  But the sexual tension and attraction was intense.  Gia was so closed off, yet Rothert did such an amazing job letting readers see her inner struggle of wanting more out of her life.  My heart really broke for Gia.  She had a rough go and has been living in survival mode for too long.  She seems so lost and focused on a goal she doesn’t share with anyone.  As she not only opens up to Maverick but her friend, Ro you see what a kind and giving person she is.  I couldn’t help but want more for her.  

Friends, this is a slow burn.  But there is no other way for Maverick and Gia’s story.  While these two might be from two different worlds they effortlessly fit together.  They have amazing and witty banter and are a pair you would love to hang out with.  

If you love a little angst, some humor, a great friend group and an amazing book boyfriend, this book and series is for you!  Keep the Sin City Saint books coming, Brenda!