A Fearless Memory | Marie Johnston

Austen Knight has been an enigma in this Knight family series.  Austen is the brother that wasn’t around due to his job in the military.  When he retires and finds himself in Crocus Valley to spend some extended time near his siblings, he wasn’t anticipating falling for his smart, sassy, single mom neighbor. 

Vienne befriended the Knight ladies, and I will be 100% honest I wasn’t always sure how I felt about her.  She definitely is very guarded and I think people judge her unfairly.  Vienne is a hard working single mom dead set on making her dreams come true!  

I love how Austen makes it clear to Vienne from the start that he is interested in her, and in any way that he can get her.  Austen is aware that Vienne is a little nervous to trust a man, and the way they ease into their relationship is just wow.  SO HOT! Goodness sakes, friends! I was fanning myself and giddy for our friend Vienne.  And the way that Austen was with her, the way he showed her in so many ways that he respected her, adored her, and cherished her was just so so perfect.  Austen was everything that Vienne needed. But Vienne also was who Austen needed, she saw him for the kind, hardworking, sensitive and loving man he is.  She saw how his childhood impacted him throughout his life, and stood up for him but in a very gentle and not abrasive way.  Austen and Vienne truly complement and bring out the best in one another.  If you love a small town, with nosy family members, fun family banter, and some serious fan yourself, then this series and book needs to be on your TBR list! I am so so so so ready for Eliot’s book…..but I am also a little sad to say goodbye to Crocus Valley and the Knight family because they are something special! 


  • Rating: 4.5
  • POV: First person, dual POV
  • POP: 58 %
  • Series: Oil Knights
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Series
  • Tropes: Single mom, workplace romance, best friends brother, small town
  • Release Date: 5/16/24
  • Available on Kindle Unlimited