Foster | Sawyer Bennett

Foster and Mazzy were exactly what I needed! I loved their road to their HEA….I am also a giant sucker for a single dad nanny romance.  Foster, a recently divorced single dad finds himself in desperate need of a nanny.  His young precocious daughter will now be living with him full time.  I really enjoyed the inside peek at how Foster had to take to gain full custody of Bowie Jane. I also really adored Foster’s dedication to his daughter.  He was always putting her first, thinking about how his decisions would impact her, and how to emotionally support her through the transition to Pittsburgh.  There were so many green flags Foster was waving during this book that I lost count. He is definitely top tier book boyfriend material.  And when this man fell so hard for his nanny, I was giddy. 

Mazzy is a talented and sought after nanny but after she meets Foster she knows in her gut that she needs to take the job and care for Bowie Jane. Mazzy is such a dynamic character, and her firm boundaries and rules totally play off her more fun laid back Mary Poppins side, too.  Not only is she an amazing caregiver, but man is she a talented musician, too! As an educator I appreciated the way she spoke to and cared for Bowie Jane.  She is a character that you wish you could hang out with once the book ended. 

The tension between Foster and Mazzy was there from the start, and I really like how they took things a little slow and then hit the gas – these two were all in.  Their relationship felt very mature and they communicated well.  The more books I read the more I appreciate couples that communicate and don’t make hasty choices or argue for petty reasons..  However, Foster’s ex-wife might be one of my least favorite characters in any of Sawyer’s books.  She really was selfish and just plain terrible. If you love a single dad/nanny romance with amazing characters and a sweet sassy kid this book is for you! These Pittsburgh Titan’s books just keep getting better, and I cannot wait for what is next in this series!


  • Rating: 4 stars
  • POV: First person, dual POV
  • POP: 67%
  • Series: Pittsburgh Titans
  • Type of Series: Interconnected Standalone
  • Tropes: Single dad, nanny, workplace romance, second chance, golden retriever energy.
  • Release Date: 5/14/24