Review- Keres by Sadie Kincaid

Review of Keres by Sadie Kincaid

Sadie Kincaid’s Keres is a riveting romance that expertly intertwines MMF dynamics, feminine rage, revenge, enemies to lovers, mafia involvement, and morally gray characters. The story delves into dark themes like sexual assault, trafficking, and childhood abuse, handled with sensitivity but noted for reader awareness.

Keres follows the fierce and determined Keres as she seeks vengeance against the Moretti family for their heinous crimes against her and her loved ones. Her path leads her to Ace and Romeo, two powerful and enigmatic men in a committed relationship. Keres’ plan goes awry, entangling her with the very men she sought to deceive. Despite their mutual animosity, the trio’s attraction is undeniable, and their shared dark pasts create a complex and intense dynamic.

Having enjoyed The Perfect Fit, I had high expectations for Keres. While it didn’t quite reach the same level due to some writing issues and occasional cringeworthy moments, it still proved to be an engaging read.

Keres is a formidable, emotionally guarded, and sharp-edged protagonist. Her interactions with Ace and Romeo are charged with tension and intrigue. Watching her navigate her emotions and the complicated relationship with the MMCs was fascinating.

Ace and Romeo, with their well-established bond, bring depth to the story. However, their emotional relationship with Keres could have been more developed outside their shared trauma. The connection sometimes felt surface-level, relying heavily on their dark experiences rather than exploring deeper emotional healing together.

The audiobook, narrated in duet format by Angelina Rocca, Bradley Ford, and JF Harding, was okay but occasionally distracting.

Overall, Keres is a compelling read for those who enjoy darker, morally complex romances with a mix of action, passion, and psychological depth. Kincaid’s ability to weave intense, intricate relationships amidst a backdrop of deception and revenge makes this book a worthwhile addition to the genre. Despite its flaws, Keres is a strong entry in the romance genre, particularly for those who appreciate darker themes and complex character dynamics.

Trigger Warnings: Themes of sexual assault, trafficking, childhood abuse, and somnophilia kink.

Book Stats:
Rating: 3.5/5
Series: Chicago Ruthless
Tropes: enemies-to-lovers, close-proximity, mafia, mmf, revenge, deception, danger-stalker-kidnapping, dark, dark-moment-no-break-up
Pop: 7%
3rd Act Breakup- Dark moment not a break-up
Audiobook: Angelina Rocca, Bradley Ford, JF Harding

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