Review: Fair Game by Lisa Suzanne

Rating: 4/5
Steam: 2/5
Angst: 3/4
Trope: Football Romance, Fake relationship, Brother Best friend,
Series: Vegas Aces book 3
Release Day March 18, 2021

The saga continues.

Luke might be one of the most frustrating men I have ever read.  The way he treats Ellie makes me crazy. He has his walls up so high and he comes off as cold and uncaring. But we do know that he has a softer kinder side. Luke’s parents and his brother Jack both need to die in a fiery death. I despise them. Ellie is not exactly my favorite person either. Her reactions to Luke’s bother Jack’s innuendos is too much. She comes off as a flake and wishy-washy in her own feelings. Neither Luke or Ellie own their feelings.

When Luke is sweet to Ellie, I am totally in on this story. Luke does bring some swoon is a sweet way.  But I am not sure it is enough. 
This book also ends on a cliff hanger.