Review: Wet by Cambria Hebert

Rating: 4.5/5 PoP: 27%  A Westbrook Elite Novel

If you are a fan of Cambria Herbert’s Hashtag series and you are wondering if you should start this one, stop reading this review and go read Wet. There are many parallels between the Hashtag series and Westbrook Elite but there are enough differences to keep the reader guessing. It felt like visiting old friends in a new location. You know the dynamics but the surroundings are different. 

The Elite at Westbrook are swimmers, which I thought was a nice difference from the usual sports we see in romance. Ryan Walsh is one of the best on the team but he knows the dedication and work it takes to perform as the best. He meets Rory Coin in a very dangerous situation because he happened to be putting in extra pool time. Rory has been trying to find a way to prove one of the Elite is not what he portrays as her word has not been enough, but it is turning out to be a life threatening task. 

Ryan and Rory have an instalove type of relationship, but with the trauma they experience it is believable. As with most of Cambria’s books, I love that the characters fight their outside conflicts as a united front. I would call this a suspense light book as we know the antagonist from the start but not what he will do next. And the underlying theme of women’s voices needing to not only be heard but believed, rings true. Rory and Ryan are from similar backgrounds and influences but simply because of their gender one’s words hold more weight with the authorities. A sad but true reality for many of us. There is some pretty heavy foreshadowing of whose stories we will see next, and they will certainly be on my TBR.