Know the Score by Kylie Kent

Know the Score by Kylie Kent presents a compelling secret baby romance that hits the mark. However, the integration of the hockey mafia element doesn’t always mesh seamlessly. Despite this, the book offers a quick and enjoyable read, earning it a three-star rating.

With anticipation building from the teasers shared by the author, readers finally dive into Kathryn, Graycee, and Grayson’s story. The emotional roller coaster of the first five chapters sets the stage, leaving readers craving answers alongside Grey. Kathryn’s youthful mistakes, driven by pressure from the wrong sources, add depth to the narrative, especially when juxtaposed with Grey’s family ties to the Canadian Mafia and the beloved Valentino’s.

Amidst the angst, there are heartwarming Daddy-Daughter moments, steamy encounters, and a touching theme of found family. As twists and turns unfold, Grayson finds closure, love, and a newfound family, while Kathryn discovers the family she’s always yearned for.

Kylie Kent once again proves her storytelling prowess, leaving readers eagerly awaiting the next installment in the Valentino princess saga. Know the Score delivers a fantastic story within the captivating Kylie Kent universe.

Book Stats:
Rating 3/5
Series: Vancouver Knights
Tropes: Secret Baby, Hockey Romance, Second Chance, Close Proximity, Single Mom,
POP: 4% Past | 33% Present Day