Review: The Bookworm’s Guide to Dating by Emma Hart

Fun and easy read.  The quirky banter and characters are just as you expect from this author.   This brother’s best friend romance features a genuinely good hero and the girl he’s been crushing on for years.

The story follows Kinsley, a bookworm whose book boyfriends seems to get in the way of her real relationships. As her birthday looms, she makes herself some goals.  On the top of this is to Date more.  She is skeptical when her brother’s best friend, Josh, offers to help. He’s been around for years, but they haven’t spent that much time alone together, and it seems like a strange offer. Turns out, Josh has been crushing on Kinsley for a long time but knows he can never cross that line, so setting her up with someone else seems like the perfect way to finally close that door. In turn Rom-Com fashion that is not how it goes. 

I love an easy funny read that’s filled with good banter, obvious chemistry, a connection that grows throughout the book and likeable characters this does all of that well.  This story does well with the expected tropes but did feel a little stale as lots of responses were typical.  The banter is a huge part of its appeal, and I loved both characters. There’s no way you won’t be rooting for these two early on, especially given how adorably sweet and sexy Josh is. This author has made a name for herself in the rom-com genre and this is very much just that.    If you are looking for an easy fun read this is good choice.  This was a 3.5/5 read for me.  I would have liked maybe a bit of a twist or freshness to the trope.