Review: Love in the City by Jen Morris

After her life comes crashing down around her, Alex makes the drunken decision to move from her home country of New Zealand to New York City. She is trying to make it as a writer in the in the city.  Alex is constantly butting heads with her single father neighbor, Michael.

Alex is very naive; she seems easily taken advantage of. She often misunderstands people’s intentions. Alex dreams of being a romance author. Her fear of people judging has become its own antagonist in the story.  It rings very typical as an attitude towards the genre.  I am not sure I loved it in the book.  I really enjoyed Alex’s adventures in New York as she spends time writing, working, and figuring out what comes next.

Michael is a single dad.  He is raising his son after a very painful divorce.  He is working very hard to keep things very even almost to the detriment to himself.  Michael comes off as a bit of a curmudgeon.  He comes off a very abrasive and a bit of a jerk.  He does apologize for his behaviors later in the story. 

Alex and Michael were sweet together.  Their relationship is a very slow burn.  It comes about in a very natural way.  The supportive characters added a lot to the story in helping of moving the story line.   There are plenty of swoony moments.  This is a well written rom-com.  It is very sweet, easy to read with real characters.  Fans of women’s fiction would easily enjoy this story. 

3.5 /5 stars