Muses and Melody (Hush Note # 3)

First things do not start this book at bedtime after drinking midday coffee…. (or maybe do), because as you engage with Nixon and Zoe you will not be able to sleep until you know all the things.  Until you know about the demons Nixon seems to fight every summer.  Until you know if Zoe can continue to fight against the flirting and not fall head over heels in love with Nixon. Until you know if Zoe is strong enough to allow Nixon the space, he seems to need in order to keep his sobriety.  There is so much in this story, so much that you are feeling every push and pull of emotion as you read.

Hush Note Series has been perfection. The amazing storytellers, Sarina Bowen and Devney Perry crafted their stories in such away you know that you were going to need all the emotions for Nixon’s story.  Each of these stories had very different emotional engagement, but Nixon’s tugged at my heart the hardest. Nixon’s demons aren’t  revealed until very late in the story, but the way Rebecca Yarros paints his agony — it didn’t even matter what had happened to him you just knew that his soul was troubled and needed all the love to heal. A wounded hero, and Nixon’s lost soul completely captured me from the start and once you add Zoe in it took on a whole other level of feelings. 

Zoe is strong and determined.  She has a goal and she is doing everything she can to reach it.  Her dreams matter and she is not going to all Nixon and his chaos to disrupt them.  Every time she and Nix butt heads it is this explosion of attraction and tension.  (GOAT YOGA… enough said).  Zoe is more than a glorified babysitter; she really wants to help Nix.  She wants him to succeed.  She has hated standing on the sideline working for his management company and watch him year after year spiral more and more out of control. 

The explosion of everything, the pain, the passion and the demons coming together hurt my heart.   Yet somehow, even in the middle of all that pain, there was a peace to it.  As the accepted that in the moment they need to heal and move forward without each other. 

This series was every bit as good as I had hoped it would be, and honestly it was better.  Devney and Yarros are new to me authors and both did a splendid job with all these characters.  Nixon and Zoe came alive on these pages, and they left my heart hurt but, in the end,, there was joy and love.   This is an east  5 star read and might be the best of the bunch.