Cornered by Kaylea Cross

POV: Multi 3rd Person
PoP: 87%
Series: Crimson Point Protectors Book 2
Trope: Heroine In Danger; Instant Connection
Series: interconnected Storyline with an overarching storyline
Release Day: May 31, 2022
Rate: 3.5/5 Stars
TW/CW: Talks of PTSD

This is an intriguing book, but it is almost borderline not romance.  The story is strong, and I really enjoy the continuing mystery from book one, but I wasn’t totally invested in the relationship with Jaia and Brandon.  There was more focus on the secondary story that their relationship, and they didn’t truly interact until almost 30% into the book.  And there was extremely limited contact before that.  Had they met right at the beginning then I think I would have been more invested in their relationship.  That being said, I enjoyed this book, and I will continue to read this series because I am interested to see just where the Graystone storyline is going to go.  There are the elements of suspense that I love in this story, and the continuation of involvement from previous Crimson Point characters.  I do warn that this story while you can read it as a standalone, you would get more out of this story reading this series in order.