Kiss Me Forever | Layla Hagen

One of my favorite things about the Maxwell series is how each of the brothers is different.  They each have chosen a different career path that suits each of them. The Maxwell family have a great relationship and they are fiercely protective of each other. 

Luke owns a very successful architecture firm.  He also has shied away from relationships, but not the ladies. Megan is set on making her own way after a rough break up.  She is very career driven. She is also very sweet, kind and often thinks of others.  

I thoroughly enjoyed Megan and Luke’s story, and the way that their relationship progressed felt very realistic.  I also appreciate the level of respect that they had for each other professionally.  While they might have worked together they tried very hard to keep their relationship separate.  I also adored how hard and fast Luke fell for Megan.  And it is easy to understand.  She is a wonderful character that fits so seamlessly into the Maxwell clan.  Their relationship was about much more than their work, which I really appreciated as so many times with this trope it is all about the office and work.  Not with Luke and Megan. 

If you enjoy a strong family, with overprotective brothers, meddling Grandmothers and cousins this is the series for you! Once again, Layla Hagen delighted readers with a fun and low low angst love story.  I am eagerly anticipating the next book….in all honesty, I am excited for all of the Maxwell stories!