Review: Under the Bridge by Julia Wolf

Rating: 5/5
Series: Blue is the Color #4
Series Type: Series of Standalones
Tropes: Rockstar, Virgin Heroine, Age-Gap, Close Proximity, Neighbors , Damaged hero, dirty talker, Nerdy Heroine,

Talk about Unexpected!  Talk about a book that had so much in it I am not even sure where to start. 

I know that author Julia Wolf can write an amazing story. Ian Grady is an enigma of character.  He is silent. He is almost robotic in his response.

** I should note I have read this series completely out of order.  I read Book 1 and 2 and picked up 4 thinking it was book 3.  I know need to go back and read Book 3 because I need to know ALL THE THINGS with this Band.   **

What starts off as a casual neighborly exchange quickly changes to a chemistry driven affair.  This book is explosive with Chemistry. 

Ian Grady is a haunted hero. He uses arrogance as a shield to protect himself from the world around him.  Ian has the soul of a man who never really felt love from another person. Ian is only comfortable behind his drum kit but away from that he has to push past the discomfort to function in the world.

Valentina is unlikely any heroine I have ever read. She is open to the world.  She is worldly but at the same time inexperienced.  Valentina is awkward in the world because of how she was raised.  Finally ready to live life to its fullest she is trying everything at once.  I loved her nerdiness. Her passion for sewing and creating. Her love of anime.  She was also somewhat shy. 

This book was an unexpected emotional journey. It was really everything I love in a romance.  I love that both characters had to put themselves out there and take chances. I am enamored with this story. I wanted to shake and hug Ian all at the same time. I was cheering for Valentina every step of the way. I am glad that she pushed Ian when she did.  I just wish she had pushed for all her desires but as the story moves and her confidence moves forward, she finally does.

I cannot recommend this book enough!  I highly recommend it!