Review: The Crush by Karla Sorensen

Rating: 5/5 PoP:38% 

Emmett Ward has always gotten what he wanted but he knows hard work and dedication take time. When a teammate experiences a life changing injury, Emmett realizes he might have put all his dedication in the wrong place. Adaline Wilder always had a crush on Emmett but the timing of letting him know was not the greatest. Now, they are five years older and have a better understanding of what they want and need from life. 

Adaline has just gotten out of a long term relationship where she was not the priority, a mistake she is not going to make again. However, when Emmett makes a reappearance in her life she cannot deny that he holds a piece of her heart. Emmett is the most patient and understanding of book boyfriends. He knows he cannot put it all on the line right away and scare Adaline away. Adaline is a strong female leader that knows what is important to her. But love has a way of changing things. 

I really loved this story and how it was a second chance but not really at the same time. I have not read all the Ward sisters’ books but I was not lost. Although, I’m sure if I had the family dynamics would have been even richer. Emmett’s understanding and respect of Adaline was super swoon worthy. I also like that Adaline did not give into changing her life immediately. She stood her ground but also was open to advice. Ultimately, the couple made compromises that would be true for any lasting relationship. It was a low angst, swoony, and emotional read that I highly recommend.