Review: Between a Fox and a Hard Place by Mary Frame

Rating: 4.5/5  PoP: 63%  Fox Family Box 1

Finley Fox is having a hard time managing her family’s property and business. She has found herself solely responsible for her four younger siblings after repeat tragedy has impacted them. However, this is a self imposed obligation. Archer Weston is a fixer. He finds solutions to the most difficult problems for a living. His friend, Oliver Nichols wants to obtain the Fox property but Finley is holding strong. On a favor, Archer agrees to scout out the Fox Cottages and get them to sell. 

Finley has sacrificed her future dreams that were within reach to support her family. She does so, without complaint but is struggling. The finances on Fox Cottages are very far into the red and there seems to be no quick answer. Most of the Fox siblings have moved from Whitby, NY except for Finley and Jake. Jake is having his own troubles coping, making him oblivious to the troubles at home. Archer and Finley have a spark of attraction from the beginning. And Archer is determined to find a solution that will work for both the Fox family and Oliver. 

This is a world building book as it is the first book in a new series for Frame. It has a lot of hard life circumstances for all the characters in it. We already are given insight to the next couple and possibilities of future storylines in the series. Archer was an amazing book boyfriend and the best support for Finley in every area of her life. He could have justified being jaded and broken but chose to be compassionate in every action. Finley is a smart, motherlike character that must learn to ask and accept help, a very relatable trait. They are a great couple to anchor this series. I look forward to learning more about Piper and seeing how Oliver redeems himself in the next book.